What Is Ecstatic Dance Evolution Anyway?

Ecstatic Dance Evolution is a global network of freeform dance gatherings that

cultivate conscious community and enhance our experience of freedom, peace, unity, and joy!

All dance are held in a welcoming sacred-space, are non-verbal, barefoot and substance-free.

We invite all experience levels, abilities, and ages to be moved by uplifting themes

and multi-genre music from our world-class Ecstatic DJ’s!

A unique experience for everyone! 

You’re invited!


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What people are saying:

EDE is a quantum environment to explore movement on your own and with others beyond walking, running, or the demands of choreography. The freeform space invites us to remember and feel the liberation of the body as children do. Feel the joy and humanity of moving with people of all ages and abilities.


We dance to discover, find freedom to be, play through movement, explore our edge, reconnect to self, feel from the heart, live in the moment, move the body, lose the mind, fly the spirit, freestyle, improvised, barefoot!


The music programs are always well thought out and inspire wonderful journeys through all kinds of moods; playful, passionate, spiritual, contemplative, nutty and liberating.  The Sunday programs have really helped my dance practice take off. Everyone takes something away from this great community space.



“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


~ Rumi ~

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Ecstatic Dance Evolution Network - EDEN

Ecstatic Dance Evolution is a unique Ecstatic Dance practice created by Houston native Sydney Strahan aka Samadhi Love. Based on what is natural to the human body, including the seven major chakras and the 9 Energetic Functions, the Dance provides open space for attendees to explore freedom of self-expression within an accepting community.

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