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Samadhi Love

“Creating platforms for connection is my purpose. Activating creativity through movement, art, and dance is my passion. Expanding unity is my goal.”


Samadhi's mission is to train and support Ecstatic Dancers, Facilitators, Hosts, and DJ's to create peak states of consciousness and bliss ~ so they live a fulfilling life with their tribes! 


She is founder and director of Ecstatic Dance Evolution Network - EDEN, expanding connections around the globe. EDEN’s focus builds on the transformational origins of

ecstatic practice from esoteric mystical traditions to modern day spirituality. 


Through 1000+ dances she’s tuned her systems to include a wide variety of conscious movement, flow states, and connective community experiences. Samadhi is here to support the global proliferation of ecstatic evolution through the expressive art of freedom in human nature.

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Cheryl Shakti Ma

I’ve been a lover all my life of dance, play, creativity, freedom, self expression, heartfelt connection, healing, exploring, and celebrating being alive. When I stepped into Ecstatic Dance Houston for my first time in 2006 I knew I was home. Here was my spiritual family that I never knew I’d always wanted!  Here was this magical place where all of these elements live and thrive!

I instantly embraced the opportunity to join this community and dove into the dance.  My passion for this extraordinary experience inspired me to become a facilitator in training in 2011 and now I continue on this path as a core facilitator and trainer.  I am still learning, growing and evolving in these roles and thoroughly enjoy it!


As well as facilitating ecstatic dances, I offer a number of therapeutic services including Reiki healing and initiation, Reflexology, Acupressure, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Guided Meditation, and a big favorite, Hugs… Never underestimate the healing power of hugs! All of this flows immaculately with my personal mission of self discovery and being One Love.

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Rory Jagdeo

I am a Telecommunications Analyst and a solo artist singer/songwriter.


My first experience at Dance Evolution was so memorable and profound that I decided it would be a joy to Facilitate and share this musical journey with anyone open to experiencing this blissful dance.


In this dance, music is my guide, and I get to connect with kindred souls, enjoy freedom of the body, have a deep awareness of my energy level and open my heart in a loving environment.  I am really excited to share music and rhythm that intoxicate the senses, thus leading to a blissful state of mind.

Andy Karavitis

Andy was raised in central Wyoming. He earned a B.S. in Religious Studies from the University of Sioux Falls.  Besides dancing, Andy sometimes likes to sing and play the guitar.  He is a big fan of camping, hiking, and outdoor recreation.  
He dabbles in sound and lighting, sets and props for various theater and dance productions, as well as the Houston Art Car Parade.  As a Dance Evolution Facilitator, his current emphasis is on coherent thematic dances and interesting musical transitions.


Isabella Schmidt


Hello! Bella here! Actually my name is Isabella, but some people call me Izzy, two special people call me Mom, but mostly I go by Bella these days!

I practice and teach hot yoga at the amazing Express Hot Yoga studios in The Woodlands, TX where I also have my Alchemy Within Reflexology practice.  I am very excited to be co-facilitating DanceEvolution The Woodlands, a bi-monthly dance, expanding our community beyond Houston city limits!


I have been involved with the Houston freestyle dance community since 1994!  I danced many years with the Houston Sweat Your Prayers and Nia Communities and am a certified Nia Brown Belt instructor.


I have been dancing with the Houston Ecstatic Dance and DanceEvolution community since it’s early beginnings.  Over the years I have become ever more filled with gratitude for our amazing Community and for our facilitator’s commitment to continually provide me (us) with a safe and energized space to experience the magic of music and our bodies in full expressive movement.  


I’ve experienced time and time again the beauty manifest in the dance and what an amazing vehicle it can be for self-discovery!  (Not to mention it’s just a blast)!  I am honored to be part of an amazing team of facilitators and love facilitating these musical journeys!

Ivan Daniel Espinosa

I believe in the power of dance.  It transforms me.  It enables shifts, breakthroughs, and countless self-discoveries.  It makes me healthier, happier, and more connected.

I have been dancing since 2009 and creating ecstatic dances since 2011. I have explored a wide range of mind/body/dance modalities, including contact improvisation, post-modern dance, Wilbert Alix and Frank Natale’s Blindfold TranceDance Experience®, Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms®, Pablo Bobbio’s Silent Language of the Body, and Bruce Carloye’s Body of Movement.

It is such a delight and pleasure to facilitate dances for Ecstatic Dance Evolution. I can’t say enough about the magic and healing that happens in this beautiful and supportive setting — a safe, welcoming space where my heart can open up and receive the warm gifts of love, connection, and community.

DJ Taz Rashid


Taz Rashid (DJ TAZ) brings a high vibrational energy to any crowd instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Kirtan, Devotional, and all the cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.

He has been producing and part of creating conscious events in the Midwest over the last few years and as a musician, he plays guitar, keyboard, Native American Flute, didgeridoo and hand percussion.  He takes these instruments and connects to the Divine and what comes through has the ability to move his crowd to connect to their Divine higher selves. Recently he has been performing and DJing at events such as Bhakti Fest, Serendipity Festival, Denver Chant Fest, Arise Festival, Zen Cruise, Hanuman Festival, Greenheart Transforms, Yoga Journal, Wanderlust Festivals and many more conscious gatherings.

In Chicago, he and his team produce Club Divine, a monthly spiritual dance party with high vibrational DJs, healers, body workers, artists and amazing musicians. Recently they have been taking the dance party experience to other festivals, expos, and even on multi-city tours. See you on the dance floor.

You can check out his music and offerings at

DJ Luminous

DJ Luminous aims for dance journeys that work out all of your brain lobes and engage your body, mind and spirit. His mixes are inspired by both electronic and organic music infused with beats from all over the globe.

He started to play for dance journeys in 2012 in the Happy Valley and since then he has played for ecstatic dances in Vancouver BC, Portland OR, Bellingham WA, Houston TX, New York, Dance New England, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Prague. He was recently featured on Valley Free Radio WXOJ.


Dj Luminous other projects include Mandala Dance, a unique creation of live music, movement and art (, Pollinate, monthly World-Bass-Soul-Tech-House party in Northampton and monthly I-Opener Community Ecstatic Dance in Boston, MA and NYC. He’s an avid Didgeridoo player, drummer and works with other acoustic musicians overlaying his DJ’d beats with live instrumental melodies at Dance Spirit events.  

You can check out his mixes on Mixcloud at DJ Luminous


DJ Yarun Dee

The music Yarun Dee plays is a fusion of electronic music mixed with shamanic, tribal and oriëntal sounds from around the planet. The feeling on the dance floor is spacious and grounding at the same time. Subtle and compelling melodies, strong and earthy beats. Rhythms that make your body want to dance, your mind to become silent and your spirit to expand.

In the past several years he has been a resident at Odessa and Club Lite in Amsterdam. Where he played at conscious events like Ecstatic Dance, The Chocolate Club, Tantric Dance and Shine. Playing at Ecstatic Dances throughout The Netherlands and Europe. Right now he also is a resident at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht and Ecstatic Dance Odessa Amsterdam.

You can check out his mixes on Mixcloud at Yarun Dee

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