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Where We Are:

The variety of Ecstatic Dance today is all over the map; from huge cool scene spaces to hippie dance parties and small home grown communities without much consistency in what you’ll experience or what to expect.

Where We’re Going:

Ecstatic Dance Evolution has created a program called WWEE to provide consistent, sacred, transformational, E.P.I.C. (ecstatically playful interactive community) Ecstatic Dances wherever you are! WWEE is a full support network to connect our tribes and move us upscale on a weekly basis! A solid Ecstatic Dance experience that you can depend on! Inquire below for info on our other programs too!

What makes Ecstatic Dance Evolution Unique:

Ecstatic Dance Evolution’s forte is Evolution. Its embracing our roots to expand our branches with a consistent focus on sacred space, ritual, tribe vibe, and consciously moving our worlds awake! Our E.P.I.C. Ecstatic Dances mark our time in space, create significance for our existence, collectively move us upscale and provide a devoted heart-based supportive way to evolve our lives together.


Together WWEE Move Our Worlds Awake!

WWEE = World Wide Ecstatic Evolution

WWEE is:


A Professional Facilitator Business Support Network and Membership Program to Help You Create and Sustain E.P.I.C. Ecstatic Dance Evolution Communities Around the Globe!

WWEE is for:

Individuals with an Overwhelming Desire to Bring a Tremendous Amount of Joy to the World with a Transformational Adventure of a Lifetime! Committed Leaders who are Devoted to Creating Community for Ongoing Ecstatic Dance Evolution Events in Their City with Our Full Support!

WWEE Facilitators:

Are Passionate Community Minded Heart Centered Leaders Who Love Effective Freedom, Creativity, Transformation and Adding Value to Our Tribes Lives in 2015 and Beyond!

WWEE’s Purpose:

To Grow Our Tribe and Provide Outstanding Transformational Human Experiences that Help Us Deeply Explore Who We Are in a Space of Freedom, Love, Peace and Joy… accepting All We Are and embracing All We Can Be! Together WWEE Move Our Worlds Awake… And WWEE Invite You to Join Us…

Five Amazing Benefits:

Transformational Themes

Weekly Dance Themes and Ready-To-Go Invitations. Experience the exponential impact of multiple cities dancing unified themes each week! Save time creating marketing content with ready-to-go professional High Impact Email and Facebook Invitations with the flexibility to customize!

Weekly Music Mixes

Plug & Play Mixes from World Class EPIC Ecstatic DJs! You will have consistent access to epic music mixes from our expert ecstatic dance DJs each week! We’ve Made Hosting High Quality Ecstatic Dance’s Fun & Easy For You! Its like throwing big dinner parties and having them catered!

Group Facilitator Calls

Weekly Conference to Connect, Discuss and Co-Create! Particpate in Leadership Calls with WWEE Facilitators from around the globe! Gain information, experience and share ideas to uplift and inspire while contributing to the empowerment of our sacred spaces!

Community Connection

Exclusive Facebook Discussion Group. Gain full round-the-clock access to an entire community of Ecstatic Dance Evolution Leaders sharing our support, connections, wisdom, concerns, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and feedback with each other!

Individual Support


Direct Access to our Founder & Artistic Director, Samadhi Love! Feel fully supported with her 25+ years of event experience and wisdom, at your fingertips! With your membership, Samadhi is available for your individual support as often as you need it, so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel!


Yes? Then answer a few questions to help us understand more about you.

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