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Dancing Crane In Still Water

Dedicated with gratitude to Lao Da Long

Spiritual names act as portals…  to imbue and bestow supreme qualities or aspirations that transcend the Maya of our conditioning.  When called by a mystical moniker, its essence activates a remembrance and the name becomes a mantra that ignites our passion, purpose and practice towards our perfection.

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From the Daoist tradition, “Dancing”, is a means for inner spirit to be expressed in the outside world.  “Crane”, a symbol of grace, healing, and connection, is guardian of the void and lives in-between the worlds – bringing Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven. “In Still Water” references Earth’s higher purpose – to clearly reflect the Truth of Heaven.

As an ecstatic dancing mystic exploring depths of elevated beyond-ness over the past 35 years, I’ve learned that Grace requires authenticity and a bold willingness to risk being completely vulnerable in order to cross the bridge from mundane to profound. Vulnerability is often shunned, yet holds the golden key to our vitality and sentient evolution.  Trust, safety, presence, courage, the ability to surrender attachments – giving up expectations, ego and preferences, are some of its requirements. This Yin of allowing Truth to move through us and be seen, felt, heard, sensed and transmitted – is Heaven appearing on Earth!

To dance ecstatically is to crack the matrix open to higher levels of communion. With vulnerability, we slip into realms beyond our programing – we Get Moved and Become Danced, Enlivened and Experienced by an invisible life force of a True Nature that It Self desires expression. Here, exists stillness in movement – movement in stillness, where previous perceptions of what is Real and Who it Is – that is dancing – are eternally altered.  Getting to our True Nature is the ultimate dance of infinite illumination, transformation, and fulfillment where we come to discover, there is more to life – and our Selves, than we had imagined.  

Finding strength in our vulnerability is crucial. We strive to live boldly in full prismatic color – to touch the Divine and experience the Supreme! Practice and perseverance is our path to crack open this matrix and strengthen our vulnerability.  We are personally empowered through feeling connected, accepted, inspired, willing to grow, and significant in our contributions. We thrive collectively when we leap into new territories with radical authenticity and open to our True Natures with deep vulnerability – dying and being reborn in each moment – understanding it’s Here we shine, come alive and make a positive difference to ourselves and our worlds.  In our deep heart of knowing – we are not two.

My Truth Name…Dancing Crane In Still Water guides me to embody the sacred nature, purpose and mantra I bring to my life, my work, and my world – to provide Alchemical platforms to Be Danced for the healing of the soul on the expression of the Divine through the matrix of the mundane – using the magic of music, free-form movement, and intentional conscious community.<>

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