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4 Thoughts that Kill Self-Expression

I have seen the constriction these thoughts can create for one’s self-expression if they are given too much attention and belief . Sometimes the harshest ones come when you are on the precipice of your own breakthrough. You always have the choice to choose which thoughts you give credence to. Here are some of the most common thoughts that kill self-expression:

  1. “I am not a good dancer.”

This is the most common thought I have observed that people say to get out of dancing, excuse themselves from feeling embarrassed, or belittle their unique expression of dance. I understand that we don’t want to say we are good at anything if we haven’t had have any training, experience or a degree in that field, however, there is no harm in affirming that you are a dancer. Yes, you may not be a professional dancer, but do the birds need a degree in Vocal Performance to sing beautifully?  If you are a professional dancer and you believe in this thought, remind yourself that you are enough. I know there is a lot of competition out there, but at the end of the day, there is no one, who is you. No one can beat you at being yourself. In EDE what we are calling a “dancer” is someone who loves being enticed by the enjoyment of music and expresses that through their body, whatever that may look like!

  1. “I look funny doing this. I look or feel dumb, silly, awkward, insane, ugly (insert inner insult here).”

I have definitely experienced these little gremlins! When I believe in these kind of thoughts, I have noticed that my movements get really strained. Sometimes, I stop dancing all together and watch other people dance. Other times I will embrace the awkward, silly, funny and insane! I will literally move into what my concept of what “this” is and dance it out. When we do awkward moves that are out of our typical patterning we are increasing our innate body intelligence. A break through potential is created when we purposefully get out of our typical movement patterns to find more creativity in our being, which may not look like dance moves but this creates new neuro pathways and opens up our creativity. Don’t worry, we know what you are doing, you are getting smarter!

  1. “I can’t stay with the rhythm or I have no rhythm.”

There is a metronome in your body and it is called your heart. Next time this thought rolls around, just put your hand on your heart. Often times, when I am dancing I find that my heart is going with the beat of the music! Rhythm is more natural than most of us think and it is because we think that we tend to lose touch with the beauty that is going on in the moment. Luckily in EDE there are no rhythmic steps to follow, yet there are different ways to sync with a rhythm. You can follow the rhythm of your breath- so even if you are not in time with the music you can get in time with your self.

  1. “I am not feeling ecstatic today, so I won’t go to dance. I may drag down the vibe.”

This is perhaps, the biggest one… going to Ecstatic Dance Evolution doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. We shy away from community because we don’t want to get our problems out and all over our favorite people in the city. Perhaps, you are the kind that always want to look strong or look like a concept of an enlightened being. Here’s the thing about this though: Some good company and a fun, healthy workout, is probably what you need most on days like those. We value authenticity at dance, we are that kind of crowd. So, even if you are not feeling you are at your best, we still welcome you to come. The music at EDE is designed to clear out our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Samadhi herself says,” Dance is one the quickest ways to recover our well-being and happiness, but we have to make the effort to move through it.”

All my love, 



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