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April 8. 2018- Sunday Dance Motif: Stretch

Painting by John Lautermilch

Ecstatic Dance Evolution Sunday Presents


EDE Mix and Facilitation by Ma Samadhi Love

For this Dance, STRETCH can set us free, expand horizons, open doorways and get us ready for the next level, including more FUN!

Have you ever stretched your comfort zones or taken a risk and felt extremely elated afterwards? Voilà! ~ Breakthrough!

EDE is a great place to STRETCH past our limits, breakthrough, and grow new wings. Some people may say “ Me dance? Now that’s a stretch!” and it’s no wonder why! Who would have thought that a simple freeform dance – a space of body freedom could resent so many obstacles in the physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual realms? For example; our physical body may have some limits or feel clumsy, our mind may try telling us that we are not good enough or that others don’t like us or that we don’t fit in, our energy may clash with another in an awkward non-verbal interaction, our emotions may get triggered by a song or the fact that we are unfamiliar with the depth of the experience. There are many reasons WHY Ecstatic Dance may be a STRETCH for people, yet…. and this is a big yet….the “WHY NOT?” may well be worth it.

For me, seeking freedom involves the lure of facing myself, testing my courage, overcoming obstacles, finding out what I’m capable of to evolve. For those of us ready to grow, go deeper, dive into unknown territories, explore mystery, get creative and out of our box, learn more about ourselves, heal, transcend, and open to the depth of our hearts and soul, EDE may be the perfect place to STRETCH into some shiny new territories.

This Sunday, I invite you all to come and leap into the mystery, explore your pliable edges, gently stretch in any way possible. From the unbelievable to the empowering, let’s see where this journey takes us.

With long lasting love,

Samadhi Love

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