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EDE Mix by DJ Yarun Dee *I of Silence*

*I of SILENCE* EDE mix by DJ Yarun Dee of Amsterdam,Facilitation with Samadhi and Autumn

As the last week of autumn is upon us, nature is going inward. The old, dry, and brittle fall away. What will be left? The “I” that abides in silence watches this whole play and remains constant. At times, one seems to lose connection to this eyewitness and identifies with noise. Yet, silence is the substratum of all that was, is, and ever will be.

In the sacred space of the Dance, nonverbal reverence makes silence a tangible tango. As I move in the space between notes, I recognize my eternal nature and begin to witness the existence of silence as my Dance partner.

This Sunday, we invite you into the womb of silence, to be free.

Infinite ? Samadhi and Autumn 


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